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Three of our females have been bred since the last week of February 2013.  Confirmation of pregnacies will be coming by the end of April.  If you are interested in a Lowchen puppy, now is the time to start the application process and get on the waiting list.

It does take approximately 12 weeks past the birth of a litter before we are in a position to determine which puppies can be released to pet homes and which will be held for showing.  The focus of breeding a Lowchen is to product another generation of show dogs.  That is why we don't breed on a continous basis.  We are always looking to encourage and place show potential puppies in homes willing to get into the world of dog showing.  This includes not only adults, but children who are interested in junior showmanship. 


Show potential puppies will go under co-ownership contracts.  Pet puppies will go under spay/neuter requred contracts.  If you are interested in a Lowchen puppy, please email Ashford Kennel.  We will sent you a puppy survey to fill out.  We are looking to establish a waiting list.  We keep our Lowchen puppies until they are between 10 and 12 weeks old.


Along with breeding and selling Lowchen puppies, Gini frequently has the opportunity to find a new home for adult Lowchen.  Currently, there are none in this category.