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Webster, NY

Our love affair with Lowchen started in 2005.  After years of showing and breeding Great Danes, Kris was having physical difficulties showing the adult Danes,  so she began looking a various "table" dogs.  On breed she looked at was the Lowchen.  Positive attributes was the non-shedding nature of the long hair and the lion cut, which was very hygienic for a long haired dog. 

Kris was introduced to Gini by a mutual friend and Gini had a litter of puppies with a female that was showing promise as a show prospect.  Hence, Annie (Ashford's Nadrah at Roseland) became the first Lowchen at Roseland Farm.


Ashford's Nadrah at Roseland

As it turned out, Annie did not have the show "spark" and although she accumulated 6 points towards an AKC championship and a couple of points towards a Canadian championship, she did not enjoy the show circuit and the show ring.  She was retired from showing and used for breeding.  Annie produced 4 beautiful litters of puppies, including two who have completed their AKC championship (Lola & Tobey) and one who will hopefully be finished (KT).  Her other puppies are in pet homes and being totally enjoyed by their families.

Tragically, due to an unfortunate accident, Annie died in 2011.  The fact that she was taken long before the natural lifespan of approximately 14 years makes her passing so hard to fathom.  But she lives on in future generations of puppies.

Like potato chips, when you have one Lowchen, you cannot resist getting another, (insert smile face)

In 2006, Gini went to NJ to pick up two male puppies out of a litter she co-owned.  One of the puppies was "pet" quality and was due to go to a new home.  The other was "show" quality and Gini did not yet have a home lined up.  Since this new puppies pedigree was a good match with Annie and since Kris had the Lowchen "bug", Berrie became the next Roseland Farm Lowchen.   


Ashfords Omran at Roseland